Print Directly on CD/DVD

Karoprint is an expert in printing directly onto the following media:


  • CD-R
  • DVD – R
  • DVD + R
  • DVD + R DL 8,5 GB
  • BD –R 25 GB
  • MINI CD-R 8 cm

Three techniques for printing directly onto discs are available:

  • DIGITAL (UV) – this technology means we are able to process orders for runs starting with 1 piece. The high quality digital print renders colours and details perfectly. It is used for runs between 1 and 300 pcs.
  • OFFSET – offset printing is excellent for rendering high resolution raster graphics files. Superb precision and accuracy are inherent features of this printing technique. Used for runs of 300 and more. Even the most discerning clients will be pleasantly surprised.

    Screen printing – this printing technique uses paints hardened with UV rays, guaranteeing top quality as well as durability of colour and content.

    Can be used with five colours.

    Due to the relatively high printing preparation costs, this technique is used for high volume runs – minimum 300.