Terms and regulations


  1. Basis for processing orders.
  2. Order execution costs.
  3. Order lead times.
  4. Delivery and collection.
  5. Payment terms.
  6. Quality control of your finished goods.
  7. Complaints.
  8. Scope of responsibility.
  9. Order tolerance vs. order size.

1. Basis for processing orders. 

Orders are processed on the basis of:

a) materials provided by the customer, which should comply with the requirements as set forth in the technical specification.

We reserve the right to refuse to process an order, if objections arise as to the quality of the provided production materials, lack of diligence in their preparation or failure to comply with our technical requirements.

Materials in formats other than specified may be acceptable subject to prior arrangements.

b) An order submitted by a Customer shall include the following:

  • order date,
  • invoice details,
  • contact details for the person in charge of handling the order on the side of the customer (the ordering party):
  • name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address,
  • job title, which will also be used to identify the order (e.g. company name, Catalogue X/2015),
  • prices and quantities of the ordered goods and services,
  • lead or completion time,
  • delivery terms,
  • delivery address,
  • payment form and due date.

2. Order execution costs. 

a) Detailed quotes are drafted on the basis of quote requests which contain parameters for the requested goods and services. Please forward your quote request correspondence to: info@karoprint.pl
b) Quotes shall remain valid for seven days from the date they were drawn up and sent out.

3. Order lead times. 

A precise and binding order delivery time shall be determined once we receive all production materials and following the customer’s approval of test prints.
Order lead times also depend on the current workload.
Goods may be delivered even within 1 working day. However, the given courier company is responsible for observing delivery times. Therefore, Karoprint shall not be liable for late deliveries attributable to the courier company.
a) Expected lead times are provided to the customer together with the estimated cost breakdown. The final order delivery dates are determined once the customer approves all materials for production.
b) In the event of force majeure, and in particular:

  • equipment breakdowns, energy or water supply interruptions,
  • fire,
  • natural disasters,
    at Karoprint or at plants which are performing particular stages of an order, we shall not be liable for the consequences of changes to order completion dates.

4. Delivery and collection. 

a) Within Poland the goods shall be delivered by courier companies. The delivery costs shall be borne by the buyer.

b) The delivery costs are not taken into account in a quote unless specified in the detailed quote drawn up on the basis of a request.

c) Karoprint shall not be liable for late deliveries attributable to the given courier company.

d) Collection in person is only possible subject to a payment made by bank transfer in advance of the collection date.

5. Payment terms. 

Available payment options:

  • by bank transfer before collection / delivery.

6. Quality control of your finished goods. 

Quality control of your finished goods should be performed at the customer’s address (or at any other location convenient for the customer).
Karoprint does not permit print quality control to take place within its premises.


7. Quality Control. 

a) Complaints shall be considered within 7 days of delivering the goods subject to the complaint to Karoprint.

b) In most cases, production defects cannot be remedied. Thus, justified complaints shall be settled by producing the goods and services subject to the complaint once again or by a refund of the amount paid for the goods and services subject to the complaint within 14 days of complaint acceptance.

c) The ordering party shall deliver the goods subject to the complaint to Karoprint’s address at its own cost.

d) If the complaint is to be settled by a subsequent performance of the order and production of goods free of defects, then the goods shall be sent to the customer at Karoprint’s cost.

e) Subsequent production of the goods and services subject to the complaint is only possible once payment for the goods in question has been settled in full.

f) The only basis for a complaint pertaining to colours of materials printed using CMYK colours is a cromalin proof. Failure to provide a template print precludes any option of submitting complaints pertaining to the colour scheme printed using the CMYK colour model.

g) The only basis justifying a complaint pertaining to data written on a CD / DVD are differences between data on the master disc and the produced copies thereof.

In practice, this means that:

  • if files to be written are delivered via e-mail or ftp, any complaints pertaining to the content of discs are groundless (there is no master copy)if files to be written are delivered via e-mail or ftp, any complaints pertaining to the content of discs are groundless (there is no master copy)
  • inability to playback discs in devices which are incompatible with the medium used to duplicate the material shall not be considered as valid grounds for a complaint.

h) Karoprint shall not be liable for incompatibility of ordered CDR / DVDR discs with computer and audio-visual hardware used to read them or write on them. Lack of such compatibility should be taken up with the hardware supplier.

8. Scope of responsibility. 

We shall be responsible for defects and shortages to ordered goods and services solely up to the quoted price thereof. This also applies to a failure to observe the agreed order performance dates.

9.Order tolerance vs. order size. 

Karoprint reserves the right to deliver goods with a certain degree of shortages, which might accumulate throughout the multi-stage production processes.

The acceptable shortages are as follows:

Print run: Acceptable shortage
0 – 100 10
101 – 1000 20
more than 1100 30